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“KG Chemical is striving to grow into the best company.”

KG Chemical, started from fertilizer business, is endeavoring to grow into the best company in each sector through business diversification.

Life agricultural laboratory+Environment laboratory+Construction material laboratory=KG Chemical
연구소 연혁
Dec. 2020 "기능성 미생물이 코팅된 화학비료 및 그 제조방법" 특허 등록(특허증 첨부)
Dec. 2020 WD1010 저가형감수제 개발
Nov. 2020 미생물 복합비료 4종 판매확대 및 정착
(미생물 논비료, 미생물 밭비료, 미생물 완효성비료, 미생물 고형비료)
Nov. 2020 SD2000 고성능유지제 개발
Nov..2020 조강 첨가제 제조 방법 및 조강성 콘크리트 조성물 특허 출원 (특허 제 10-2181656 호)
Oct. 2020 토양 환경오염 개선을 위한 가축부산물 부숙촉지제 "부숙골드" 개발
Sep. 2020 WD1000 고성능감수제 개발
Aug. 2020 EZCON-SPEED ESA (조기강도첨가제) 개발
Fev. 2020 미생물 잔디비료 개발
특허관련 현황
Laboratory Area No. of researchers Location

Major duties

Contact details
Life agricultural
Fertilizer and organic industrial materials 3 Onsan-eup, Ulsan-si Fertilizer testing and researching institution (plant cultivating test area)
New product R&D, packaging test, national joint test
Eco-friendly organic agricultural material registration, quality improvement and management
Agricultural site consulting and education
Water treatment chemicals 3 Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do Development and improvement of water treatment products
Discover environmental business
Conduct governmental research tasks
Promote research results such as field issues from water treatment facility to consulting society
Chemical material
Organic synthesis 5 Onsan-eup, Ulsan-si Development of PNS (Powercon, Diewell) related products
PNS related analysis and purpose development
PCE related development
PCE related analysis and application development
Concrete 3 Onsan-eup, Ulsan-si Product development test
Development of compound application technology
Complaint related test
Life agricultural laboratory
Environment laboratory
Construction material laboratory