Business Field

“ KG Chemical is endeavoring to grow into the best company.”
KG Chemical, started from a fertilizer company, is endeavoring to grow into the top company in each business sector through business diversification.

  • Fertilizer business

    KG Chemical is a leading fertilizer manufacturer in Korea. We will continue to become the leader in developing eco-friendly fertilizers.
    Fertilizer business sector of KG Chemical supplies high quality fertilizers to farmers at reasonable prices. Also, we are leading sustainable agricultural development and harvest of healthy agricultural products by producing mineral and organic fertilizers and eco-friendly substances suitable for soil types. Based on our 60 years of technology of producing fertilizers, we will become a company that listens to the voices of customers with unstinting investments in developing new products and enhancing quality.
  • Chemical Material Business

    We will contribute to better future through various chemical substances such as water reducing agent, preservatives, compounds and dispersants.
    In 1993, KG Chemical introduced Powercon, a high performing PNS water reducing agent for the first time in Korea. By developing PC Powerflow led by Powercon that catalyzed the construction and civil engineering development in Korea, we have led the development of construction related material industry in Korea. Apart from construction materials, we have developed dispersants of various forms and contributed to development of rear industries. Naphthalene dispersants produced and distributed by KG Chemical are used in various rear industries such as pigments, rubber and latex manufacturing, and contributing to the industrial competitiveness in Korea.
    KG Chemical will practice ‘earth love and people love’ based on our belief that our products improve the quality of lives of people.
  • Environment business

    Environmental technology for clean water and air, development and environmental protection can coexist.
    We are providing stable supply of coagulant in the water treatment sector for purifying water based on independent product development and differentiated technology, and sulfur and nitrogen oxide removers in the atmosphere sector for purifying the air, and maintaining quality for customer satisfaction and confidence.
    We will become a leading eco-friendly company providing solutions for clean water and air based on healthy and safe environmental conservation as the top values.
  • Harbor logistics business

    We wish to achieve “customer satisfaction” with the highest harbor logistics service.
    As a professional unloading company taking the leading role at the Onsan Port in Ulsan, the Harbor Logistics business sector of KG has independent harbor and complete mechanic unloading facility to achieve customer satisfaction with complete service from fast and accurate unloading, storage to shipment at lower costs.
    Also, to provide the best service at highest efficiency, our harbor logistics business sector aims for customer satisfaction. In the future, we will expand our business area to sales of imported products, oil business and aggregate sales to take off as a comprehensive harbor logistics company.
    (Docking capacity: 40,000 DWT x 1 berth, facilities: 1 unloader 600 tons/H)
  • New business

    Korean KG to global KG, eco-friendly products by KG into the lives of global people.
    Our new business sector, based on our experience accumulated over 50 years in all business sectors including agriculture, construction material, environment, precision chemicals and new materials, distributes eco-friendly products all over the world to enrich the lives of people and preserves environment of the earth to create global future values.
    We are creating new growth momentum by considering future 10 years and 100 years.
    We are discovering and developing the future growth momentum of KG that will become the source of economic development in Korea. From new business incubating for business diversification to complex trading business, we are creating new path for the earth, people and KG.